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Horoscopes with Hannah

Hannah Ward November 10, 2022

Greetings, all; it has been too long! Unfortunately, this is not the esteemed Allison from the beloved “Allistrology,” but her legacy must continue in the form of semi-accurate horoscopes for your...

The death of the Met Gala

Hannah Ward May 26, 2022

Cheap, cheap, cheap, cheap… What was that? Not the chirps from the goslings on Lyman Lakes, but the sound coming from my mouth in reaction to the Met Gala red carpet this year. A wise woman once...

Euphoria Hot Takes

Hannah Ward March 4, 2022

WARNING! SPOILERS AHEAD!  With the arrival of Winter Term came my newest distraction: Euphoria. When I first watched Euphoria, I was 16 and had never seen a nude body on television. Now, after...

Dixon and Dow—where are they now? They’re curing COVID.

Hannah Ward January 28, 2022

The Omicron variant has stabbed through Carleton’s campus, piercing especially its dual hearts: Dixon and Dow. Every weekend, these two buildings housed roughly 1/3 of the campus population. Now, in...

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