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Horoscopes with Hannah

Greetings, all; it has been too long! Unfortunately, this is not the esteemed Allison from the beloved “Allistrology, but her legacy must continue in the form of semi-accurate horoscopes for your reading pleasure. With the holidays approaching, let us all reflect on this term and look forward to the new year! Make sure to look for your rising sign for a more accurate reading. 

Love, your new astrological confidant, 


Scorpio: This week, you might feel more tension than normal in your personal life, which might be bleeding into your academic and professional spheres. Take time to reflect on what is causing that stress and channel it with good intentions into your social life. However, be careful not to indulge fully in self-care, as you’re more likely to withdraw from your responsibilities and obligations. The key is to balance the intense energy around you with the security of knowing who you are and what you stand for. 

Sagittarius: This week is about working on yourself, Sagittarius. While you are determined to grind till the last day of finals, be sure to prioritize your health and wellness to avoid burnout at an inconvenient time. Explore what social obligations you might need to respond “No” to on G-Cal, and see how much of your workload can be divided throughout the weekend to ensure maximum productivity. Isolation just might be your friend this weekend. Get some much-needed rest or spend time with a few close friends instead of going out. Lastly, watch the way that you speak. Because your mind is in the process of recalibration, you might be less focused on your influence on others. 

Capricorn: You’re in a push-and-pull season. Pull back on spending and focus on saving; you will need the money soon! Use that classic Capricorn charm to get your way out of awkward situations, and haggle for certain deals to ensure that you’re spending your time and finances wisely. Push toward taking small risks in your social and creative life. Want to ask your Date Knight date to coffee? Do it! The power lies in your confidence, Capricorn; don’t shy away from it. 

Aquarius: Prepare for big things in the new year, Aquarius. Search for clarity in your professional goals and evaluate what it will take to get you there. As you shift from one location to another over the break, make sure to identify what makes you feel comfortable in your space. In that same vein, focus on how you come across to others in spaces that you are not comfortable in. Pay attention to your tone, and speak wisely and deliberately. Have a final presentation or a group project? Make sure to stray away from arrogance fueled by your ambition and embrace constructive criticism and feedback with open arms. 

Pisces: You might be feeling low-energy this week, but hold on tight, you’re almost done! Utilize your keen sense of flexibility and fluidity and reevaluate the best way to distribute your energy to get you through the end of the term. Welcome collaboration with others as a tool to help you move forward, not as a hindrance to your success. Thinking of the social nuances in your professional and academic life can help you broaden your horizons and pinpoint your goals for the new year. 

Aries: Slow down and tune into reality this week, Aries. Facts are your friend, not your foe. Taking a moment to thoroughly plan for the future during this time of reflection will dramatically benefit you in the long run. While this is potentially a period of chaos in your social sphere, keep your cool and react to inconveniences with thought and tact. Feel yourself getting too overwhelmed? Confide in a trusted source for unbiased advice. Now is the time to hear hard truths and work toward clarification of your most important values. 

Taurus: Focus, focus, focus, Taurus! This week, the ball is in your court, but it is up to you to keep it there. Whether you need to hole up on 2nd Libe or take a study break to recharge your active mind, take the necessary steps to follow through on your commitments. Don’t be afraid to ask for help in any academic endeavors and bask in the glow of your achievements this term. You worked hard, and it is starting to show. Channel this newfound energy into guiding others to secure your new maturity. 

Gemini: You might be feeling frazzled this week with conflicts coming in from every sector of your life. Don’t fret, Gemini, and let go of any high expectations you are holding for yourself. The sooner you grant yourself grace for falling short every so often, the more you will grow in understanding the best way that you operate under stress. Aim for realistic goals and carve out time this weekend to indulge in your guilty pleasures. Once you lean into allowing yourself to balance leisure and work, your motivation will strengthen greatly.  

Cancer: It might feel like you are walking on a tightrope this week, Cancer. High energy and many obligations are coming in from all sides, but you must remember to stand true in your identity to maintain balance. Collaboration will be your strength this finals season, but be sure to prioritize communication to the highest degree. Avoid jumping to conclusions and constantly evaluate your emotions to ensure that you keep your priorities in your line of sight.

Leo: Authenticity is key, Leo, and now is not the time to appease your people-pleasing nature. Embrace your desire for freedom, and do not feel obligated to stick by your social norms. While this can seem like a daunting task, you are fully capable of branching out of your comfort zone to expand your realm of success. Experiment with independence and try new things. Don’t be afraid to say hello to a stranger in Sayles or get a Friday flower for a new friend. People can see your potential, and it is important that you get a glimpse of it too. 

Virgo: Proactivity is your middle name this week. In all facets of your life, think about setting intentions and goals to come into fruition in the new year. Original ideas might be lacking, but lean into different sources of inspiration and knowledge to produce a well-rounded result. Drop the high expectations for perfectionism from yourself and those around you and welcome spontaneity. The last couple of weeks of this term can be delightful, my dear Virgo, as long as you allow yourself the room to enjoy it. 

Libra: Self-promotion is on the docket for this week, Libra, whether you want to boast about your success or not. It is not necessary to completely trash your humility, but as the craving for social connection grows steadily, it might be in your best interest to favor that desire. Now is a good time to be bold, but be steadfast in your identity. This time can serve as a building block for personal growth and confidence in your social skills. Be cautious of third-party opinions and interference, and when you begin to doubt your decisions, remember: trust your gut. 

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