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A Carl’s Guide to Voting in Minnesota

Edward Malnar September 29, 2022

Citizen Carl, you can vote in Minnesota - so let’s do it! Here’s some information to help you get started:  1 Who Can Vote? Any U.S. citizen over the age of 18 who is actively enrolled and...

A letter to Carleton voters

Edward Malnar March 6, 2020

Never have I seen red “I Voted” stickers worn with such pride. But then, rarely does it come with such a sense of victory and achievement. For managing to vote amid the press of 9th Week, “I Voted”...

What is America?

Edward Malnar February 4, 2017

One-inch wide focus

Edward Malnar May 22, 2015

“For just one second, the entire universe is one inch wide.” So read a line of shirts depicting the paper targets used by precision shooters, capturing a point (conjecture, not bull’s-eye) that...

Beauty is

Edward Malnar May 1, 2015

Delight in that frizzy-haired yawn of a greeting, revel in a mudsmeared face framed by burrs, enjoy the smile of someone dressed up for no occasion whatsoever! Dependence on conceptions of ‘beauty’...

Call me farmboy

Edward Malnar April 24, 2015

Home is what you make it— and what you make it for other people. Different elements of your experience, the people in your home, and how you think about your space make it your home. Carleton has been...

The Butterfly’s Name

Edward Malnar April 10, 2015

With a heart heavy and burdened by difficult thoughts, I share a story of my life and make a broader plea. Our campus, a web of family and acquaintances, and the international community recently lost...

Reframe the Blame

Edward Malnar February 20, 2015

Someone’s gone missing, turned up in a hospital or worse yet is just suddenly and impossibly gone. How often do we hear the stories about what’s to blame, hear the gossip about what drives people...

I want to be a kid when I grow up

Edward Malnar February 2, 2015

I was singing on the sidewalks when I was told “to grow up.” My peer was only a year and a half older, and he was apparently disappointed in my behavior. A couple days later I was told that my discomfort...

Garden of Truth

Edward Malnar November 16, 2014

Slow Down and Listen to the Music

Edward Malnar November 10, 2014

Work, meetings, studies, socials, meals, travel, hobbies- how can you possibly fit it all into a day? A week? Even a year and there is barely enough time to satisfy this diversity. But with all these...

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