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Vol. CXLVIII, No. 5

October 27, 2023

The dangers of a single story

Caroline Zhou, Columnist October 20, 2023

One of the most unexpected things to happen to me this term is how much I’ve enjoyed my A&I. Taught by Professor Sandra Rousseau, “Graphic Novels of the French-Speaking World” explores nuanced,...

Vol. CXLVIII, no. 4

October 20, 2023

Date Knight: What Is It All For?

Tripp Tokioka, News Editor October 20, 2023

Though some first-years may not have heard of one of our school’s longest standing traditions, older students will remember Date Knight. Your friend sets you up with whomever they think is the partner...

Mourning The Uncertain Future of the Young (Instead of Whoever the Hell Just Died): A Review of “Shiva Baby” (2020)

Collin Preves, Columnist October 20, 2023

Being a senior in college is an existentially terrifying thing (it’s even scarier now, having acknowledged it in print). Some people grow up knowing exactly what they want to do and what their place...

David Tennant’s Return to Doctor Who: A Sign of Sexism and Male Saviorism

Katie Hirsch, Staff Writer October 20, 2023

There was widespread celebration among “Doctor Who” fans in Oct. 2022, when, at the end of the episode “The Power of the Doctor”, Jodie Whittaker disappeared in a blast of orange light, revealing...

Vol. CXLVIII, No. 2

October 6, 2023

OCS Office unveils changes, new programs and how new programs come about

Ben More April 13, 2023

Each term, many Carls across countless academic disciplines expand their educational pursuits across the globe. Carleton has long had a reputation as a distinctly international school — roughly 70%...

John Fetterman’s hospitalization and the meaning of “stigma”

Ben More April 6, 2023

Last Friday, John Fetterman (D-PA) returned to his Senate seat after a month-long hospitalization. He was receiving inpatient treatment for a severe depressive episode that caused him to feel “indifferent”...

A conversation with CSA president-elect Quinn Buhman ’24

Ben More February 23, 2023

I sat down with Quinn Buhman ’24, the current CSA treasurer who will succeed Jancyn Appel ’23 as CSA president beginning next term after winning last weekend’s election. Read on for the details...

What is “Super Mario Bros.” about, really?

Ben More January 19, 2023

I want to tell you about a conspiracy that’s been going on right under our noses for almost 40 years and has bled into the upper echelons of society. You see, the most famous video game franchise...

“Wellsprings” exhibit flows into Boliou Hall Gallery

Ben More January 13, 2023

“I think that the only real way we can think about the Earth and our human relationship to the Earth,” said Professor of Environmental Studies Colleen Carpenter, “is in an interdisciplinary manner.”  This...

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