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Carleton celebrates end of steam use after 111 years

Carleton celebrates end of steam use after 111 years

Beck Woollen May 30, 2021

At around 3 p.m. on Friday, May 21, Carleton turned off steam power for the last time ever. This concludes 111 years of using steam to fuel our campus and help students survive Minnesota winters. The...

Carleton set to turn off its towering smokestack — for good

Carleton set to turn off its towering smokestack — for good

Beck Woollen October 17, 2020

The Transition On September 26, 1941, The Carletonian published an article celebrating the construction of the college’s current smokestack. Some 80 years later, our picturesque smokestack will be...

Dangerous parallels: Links worth noticing between COVID-19 and climate change

Beck Woollen April 25, 2020

Like many, I have recently had more time on my hands. In case you were not yet tired of hearing about COVID-19, here is another opinion. In honor of the 50th Earth Day, this article applies some of the...

Divesting: Carleton’s time is now

Beck Woollen February 14, 2020

Carleton is committed to a sustainable future, and the College’s website says so: “Carleton’s official colors might be maize and blue, but look around campus and you’ll be seeing green.” The...

Early Decision sees 34% acceptance rate; demographics similar to recent years

Beck Woollen February 7, 2020

With the 2020 admissions cycle in full swing, the results of Carleton’s Early Decision 1 (ED1) option show a decrease in acceptance rate while demographics remain in line with what Carleton has seen...

What To Do With Wet Leaves: A Guide for Everybody!

Beck Woollen October 31, 2019

Most of the trees have shed their leaves, and many of those leaves have been rained on at least once. For some, wet leaves are a menace. For others, wet leaves are mother nature’s finest gift. It seems...

Finding Bliss in Busyness

Beck Woollen October 25, 2019

In short, I’m definitely still struggling; I’m convinced that anyone who is fully functional after just 6 weeks is lying. Don’t get me wrong — I’m not dysfunctional; however, midterms were…...

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