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Making Mac McDonald CSA President

<me is Marshall “Mac” McDonald and if you haven’t noticed, I’m running for CSA president. I was asked to write a piece about what makes me a good candidate. I sat here at my desk in Eden Prairie (I’m off campus this term) thinking about what to write. I’ve thought about the various approaches I could use to win your vote. How could I exploit some edge, some section of my platform that I feel is superior? I’ve sat here for a couple of hours now and have come to realize that, my campaign overlaps with Ben’s and Caitlin’s to a startling degree. We all have offered organized plans and thoughtful ideas. We’ve structured initiatives to deal with the Wellness Center, Pre Frosh Trips, Sustainability, and Club Sports. We all have experience in the CSA senate. There is little edge to gain in these matters.

So I offer you this. We will have strong leadership no matter who gets elected. Ben and Caitlin both have wonderful ideals and ideas. Yet I truly believe that I am offering something the other candidates aren’t. If elected, I will sit down with the Senate and help create a personal mission statement. I know how valuable having one can be, having composed one recently. I’m not tooting my own horn or massaging an ego. However I know from experience that having a mission statement enhances productivity and creates a comforting environment. The Senate will be more motivated to perform for the students once we sit down and get all of our thoughts, intentions, and desires out on the table. I am the person who can mold the CSA from a group of independent senators into one cohesive, thoughtful unit by means of a mission statement. If you think I’m crazy, or don’t know what a mission statement is, ask me. I’ll be back on campus this weekend. If you don’t want to speak face to face, email or call me. My information is open and available to any and every student who is interested in making a difference.

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