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Backing Ben Barclay for CSA President

<t Ben Barclay should be the next CSA President. His combination of experience, ideas, and drive will help make him a great president and a great leader for the student body.

Ben started serving on CSA Senate as a freshman. He has a strong record of working within the Senate, and solid accomplishments to point to. In the last year, Ben has worked to develop and implement the crepe maker (a major improvement to Carleton quality of life, as far as I’m concerned), formed a committee to investigate allegations of labor abuse at the LDC, and has served as a strong voice for a more sustainable Carleton, both in the Senate and in his outside activities.

I also support Ben because of his strong support for the issues most important to me—sustainability and financial aid at Carleton. Ben’s strong commitment to sustainability, drawing on his experiences as an ENTS student and a Sustainability Assistant, makes him the best candidate to help the student government move forward on sustainability initiatives such as green buildings and renewable energy sources. Ben has good ideas about improving Carleton’s sustainability capacities, and he has the experience, know-how, and energy to keep the Senate and the administration at the forefront on green issues. Ben is also strongly committed to making Carleton more financially accessible. This means working with the administration to explore moving from student loans to grants for lower income students, as well as other options. Again, Ben has the experience to work closely and effectively with the administration for the good of the student body.

Finally, I support Ben because he wants to bring people into the system. Not everyone understands what the CSA Senate does or how to work with it, and as a result they don’t get the full benefits of student government. As President, Ben will help make CSA Senate more accessible and more accountable to every student by holding increased office hours and giving students a stronger voice in meetings and agendas.

As president, Ben will bring a unique combination of experience within the student government and outside of it. He has good ideas and he has the energy and experience to make these ideas reality. I urge you to vote for him.

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