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Where do Carls like to study?—COVID-19 edition


As classes get back into full swing, students are finding and reconnecting with their studying niches on and off campus. Since access to buildings on campus is restricted, even returning students have had to get quite creative with finding their new ideal studying spots. From late nights at Sayles to corners of their room, each student has their own studying haven. Where you study ultimately plays a significant role in how you do in your classes, so take note of how you feel in your different studying spaces, and don’t be afraid to think outside the Libe!

Brie Sloves ’24 sometimes studies under her bed. “I like to study under my bed because it helps to minimize distractions,” she said. “It helps me to feel isolated from the outside world, which in turn increases my productivity.” 

Some people prefer to study outside and take advantage of the warm (or rather, not freezing) weather while we still have it.

Elena D’Avanzo ’24 enjoys taking walks around Northfield while finishing readings for her class. When she does study indoors, she said, “Technically I fit under my desk.”

“The weirdest spot I probably studied is in the Mini Bald Spot,” said Doug Thompson ’24. I just think of it as weird because I don’t study on the grass much. It was okay. Kind of windy though.”

Students who are studying off-campus this term have had to find their studying niches at home.

Skylar Jones ’24 said, “My parents weren’t really prepared for online classes, so I had to do my reading atop my drawers right there in my room. It was uncomfortable because I had nowhere to put my legs through.”

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