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Carleton student has first kiss over Zoom

Should I tilt my head to “my right” or “your right?”

The COVID pandemic affects our lives in so many ways, and our love lives are certainly not immune. Couples on campus who were practically married are now separated, living hundreds of miles away from their beau. Students with crushes lost their opportunity to shoot their shot in person and tell their amors “I …um…um… like your…… mom jeans. Sorry for objectifying you.”

Thankfully, love always finds a way. One adorable pair of students beat the odds and discovered their feelings over a classroom Zoom. The couple’s admiration blossomed amid the challenges of quarantine, like a rare flower that thrives in an arid and harsh environment. Courting over FaceTime and Snapchat worked in their favor and, communicating mainly through memes, the pair learned a lot about each other. However, intellectual stimulus only goes so far. While some may think Carls are walking brains with no physical needs, we are all 20-somethings with hormones, biological signals, and thirst-trap photos. In these times of social distancing, how are we to feel human connection? This young couple got creative. 

“I hadn’t kissed anyone before. I was so nervous. What if my laptop froze or my grandma walked in? I had to be brave.” – Melinda Kissinger ’22

“I didn’t picture my first kiss involving my webcam, but it was magical.” – Henry Smoocher ’23

The couple scheduled the date and arranged a special Zoom meeting, and the rest is history. Literally, you can trace the moment in their search histories: “how to kiss virtually,” “what filters are flattering for lips,” and “mood music.” The couple looks forward to what their virtual future holds.

***Update: The couple has changed their Facebook status to “Complicated”…. ***

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