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Look But Please Touch: All the possibilities and adventures of life

<ould be about crying or about laughing. Or about randomness or about instinct or about instantaneity. But it could also just be about elephants or about asparagus. Or about warm winter clothing about bubble gum about falling down and getting hurt about deliberation about the darkness in all things about chaos about space-time about mystery about that which never suffices about arrogance about the fight about survival about succumbing about deciding about becoming about the nothing that is in itself something about advancing about striking an impromptu pose for the camera only the photographer fumbles and you hold the pose for an extra couple seconds and in those extra seconds you feel your smile become less genuine about riding in the subway squeezed more tightly against strangers than you ever hug your friends about the definition of necessity about never ever letting go about making pizza from scratch about what you do when you are alone about what you see when you close your eyes and think of home about reading the newspaper and getting angry about giving yourself a hug about running away about what you’ll never know about all the people in the world you’ll never meet about falling asleep with a smile on your face about thinking twice about grapefruit about what you wish you had never seen about what you think you’ll never do about surprise about shock about bombs destroying people about the atoms that comprise your body about who you’ll be tomorrow about trust about what money means about evolution about the phase change that occurs when water boils about how much you weigh about your first kiss about seeing the sunset and the sunrise without having slept in between about the smell of the shampoo you used as a kid about limits about reading a book for the fifth time about going to the movies by yourself about vanilla ice cream about regret about refusing to stop about making fun of other people about the horizon over the ocean about why you read the billboards on the highway about what you think while you watch television about who you were before you were born about the birds that live outside all winter long about cell phones about role models about wanting to be like someone else about cancerous cells about what you learned today about what you experienced that will affect you although you’ll never think about it again about the size of infinity about war about doubt about dancing without music about the first thought you have when you wake up in the morning about how only the word yellow can describe the color yellow about the monster that still lives under your bed about desperation about the grass that lies dormant under the snow about being friendly about trying harder about death as a jumping up and never falling back down rather than a falling down and never getting back up about hot asphalt in the summer about the noise that cars make when they drive about the sound you’ve heard that is the closest to absolute silence about vodka about walking across frozen lakes about the wilderness where no person has ever been about hiding about always being ready about nonsense about toilets and plumbing and sewers about first impressions about pausing about holding hands about what the world looks like to an ant about anxiety about the opposite of whatever it is you’re thinking or maybe it’s about how even when you’re asleep you are still fully alive.

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