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Really bold moves you can make this Valentine’s Day

In 2020, it’s all about being bold. It’s time to shoot your shot, or so they say. Let’s be honest: it’s Valentine’s Day, and nothing is ever gonna happen between you and your crush unless you take matters into your own hands. So, here are a few options by which you can make a completely direct, honest, go-big-or-go-home kind of gesture this Valentine’s Day:

◉ Strike up fiery conversations: things like “6th week, am I right?” or “Ugh, I’m really tired, sorry I’m being boring” or perhaps, “What’d you get on the midterm?”
◉ Glance up and smile when they walk by you on the sidewalk — say “hi” too, but in such a meek way that it could be interpreted as simply an unintentional squeak.
◉ Have your friends say things to you like “OMG [ your name ] you look so SEXY today!,” or “Wow, [ your name ], you’re like, really good at sex” when your crush walks by
◉ Maybe just ask your friend to ask them if they like you?
◉ Tell them you think their friend is cute (so like, they get the message that you find people cute, in general)
◉ When you notice them in Sayles, glance over exactly once, then avoid eye contact
◉ Pretend you didn’t hear them when they talk to you because you are scared
◉ Literally just go hide in a corner probably

Hope that helps! <3 I know it can be hard to approach your crush. All those butterflies! But take it from me, a senior who is well-seasoned in bold moves such as these. The first time you do these things, like waving at them when they pass by your table in Burton, it can be really scary, because it is such a bold thing to do. But life’s short and really, what do you have to lose? Douple-tap their next Instagram post, I dare you…. you’ll be glad you did. 😉

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