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50 Shades of Mad libS

Dear Physical Education Teacher,

Please excuse my son/daughter from missing sexy class yesterday. When Lewis Tomelson :$ awakened yesterday, I could see that his/her nose was hot. He/She also complained of *aches and having a sore Harry Styles, and I took him/her to the family god i just really love harry styles. The doctor quickly diagnosed it to be the 69-hour flu and suggested he/she take two men with a glass of sticky and go to bed sexily.

Dear Science Teacher,

Please excuse Niall 😀 for being late for your vivacious science class. It’s my fault. I feel tenacious. Niall 😀 was up until the luscious hours of the morning completing his/her scrumptious project. Just as he/she was going out the rebellious door, I noticed that his/her only pair of men had a s*x in them. It took me an hour to find my men so I could see to fast !!! The needle, enabling me to sew his/her men back together.


What you just read is a Mad Lib. It was constructed “under the influence”: under the influence of 1D! I love One-Direction! It’s One-Direction themed and it features characters from the band such as Niall 😀 and Jerry Styles and Lewis and MEN [drooling emoji].

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