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Valentine’s Classifieds

Reaching out

I had so many chances to have you in my life, and I let you go without a second thought every single time. That was utterly ungrateful of me and I am sorry. I’ve learned to look past your flaws and appreciate you, and I realize only now how special this could have been. Free Meal That Comes With The Subpar Date: if you’re reading this, I want you in my life after all.

-Manjari “Mimi” Majumdar ’22

The “one”

I always seem to have bad luck on Valentines Day (e.g. I broke my arm once on it) and at this point, I’m just looking to avoid some medical bills, so for my own safety stay away! (Except, of course, for you Javi; we’ll exercise the embittered spirit of St. Valentine together)

-Declan Ramirez ’22

Missed opportunity

During move-in day fall term! I held the door open for two people trying to carry a fridge into Evans. I was wearing a green sweatshirt and had one of the small, shitty move-in carts.
We introduced ourselves and figured out we were all sophomores, but I was very stressed. I don’t remember either of your names. I’m sorry and I sense a connection anyways.

-Holland Votaw ’22


Dear Tim Wright, you may be a fictional character, but I would die for you.


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