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The Bald Spot endorses Pete Buttigieg for the 2020 presidential election

Today for the uhh (…) [Carletonian] I’m gonna be (…) endorsing uhh lemme see Pete Buttigieg. There’s been a (…) geez (…) lot going around about this fellow heh. I don’t know too much about politics but uhh lemme tell you I don’t trust this guy he’s a real rat. I don’t like the cut of his (…) the cut of his gib yeah. Yeah. Did you hear about this [wine cave] thing. His Wine Cave apparently he’s got a wine cave. Yeah apparently he like hosts millionaires (…) or billionaires or uhh something like that in there or that sorta thing I think so I heard (…) but one thing is for sure I love the gays. I love me (…) love me a [gay] man. But I uhh I think (…) he’s got a lot to say. I don’t know if I agree with all of it but [heh] the man sure does love to talk [heh]. What else did you want me to say.

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