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    <m sick and tired of reading about Miley Cyrus in every news source that I happen upon. It’s like America has an OCD tick for dragging her into the spotlight whenever she does something that a middle-aged housewife disapproves of. It’s the same old horseshit every single time as well, rarely venturing into the creative news titles or subject matter; “Miley’s Secret Drug Problem” or “Miley Strips Down Naked” or “An Encyclopedia of Diseases that Miley Cyrus can Catch by Licking Things.”

    The last title came from a feminist news source,, a popular Internet cache of pop culture and real world issues, all female friendly of course. But here’s the thing: they claim to be all about the empowerment of women and yet they tear down 20 year old Miley Cyrus and other so-called “risqué” female actresses or artists every chance they get. I understand, it’s all a part of their snarky, cool girl image, but if they were true feminists, they would just leave Miley, and others, the eff alone.

    Seriously, since when is it considered “feminist” to hate other women for how they choose to display their bodies? Why is there this aspect of female culture that allows women to call themselves feminists, then turn around and slut shame the first half-naked teenager they see? What happened to the feminist idea that women can dress how they like, say what they want, act how they want, as long as they’re doing it from an organic empowered stance? If and everyone else who hates on Miley actually think that they’re real feminists for bashing their fellow ladies behind their backs, then they have another think coming.

    Miley is a self-proclaimed feminist, which the media and my friends seem to find hilarious; apparently, I’m not in on the joke. If she says that she believes in the empowerment of women, that’s great. We need more women in the public eye fighting against the archaic stigma that “feminist” is a dirty word only associated with bra burning, men-hating hippies. It is not your job to judge her for how she promotes her art or how she dresses when she has downtime. Let her do her thing and you can do your thing, no judgment passed.

    Ladies, I have had it with the pointless drama. We’re all adults here, so let’s get some feminist, and generally decent human characteristics, down for the official dogma, okay?

    1). Never, EVER hate on girls because of how they dress, wear their hair, bear their midriffs, etc. Just as you get to dress like an Urban Outfitters model, they get to wear nude latex bikinis. No questions asked.

    2). Do not slut shame. Do not call a girl a “whore” just because she made out with your ex-boyfriend at the last Cowling dance. Just stop.

    3). Don’t complain about how stupid your lab partner is, even if she gets every question wrong. Cut the girl some slack, we all have off days.

    4). Most importantly, stop using the words “bitch” or “cunt” or “tramp” or “skank”. It gives men ideas and the excuse to reuse the words later.

    It is not feminist to hate or judge or trash talk your fellow ladies. It turns you into a petty misogynist, even if you think you are acting within the realms of your feminist beliefs. We have to stick together and help each other out in the professional world if we really want to effect true feminist change. Make peace and live what you preach.

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