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    <ong>Question: I get hungry between meals or while I’m studying late at night. What are some healthy, easy options to help me stay away from the vending machines?

    Whether midnight or midday, you’ll maintain your energy and be able to power through your busy schedule and intense study sessions if you combine fruits and vegetables with a lean protein source and whole grains.

    If you have a fridge, stock up on portable snacks such as carrot sticks, mini cucumbers,  hummus, and low-fat string cheese. Even without a fridge, you can keep a few apples or pears around, with portable squeeze packages of peanut or almond butter and some whole-grain crackers. That’s enough for a complete, balanced snack! 

    Keep it fresh by mixing and matching, making sure you always have one piece of fruit or a veggie, one source of protein, and a hearty whole grain to keep you satisfied. Finally, don’t give up on the vending machine altogether.
    There may be some healthier options available, such as low-calorie flavored waters or bags of nuts or  trail mix (not the kind with candy).  While you’re there, consider grabbing a bag of lower-fat, lower-sodium popcorn to zap in the microwave. 

    Turns out the ultimate late-night treat is a source of satisfying fiber, and even counts as a whole grain. However, by planning ahead, you’ll be ready to make healthier choices when the munchies attack.

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