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    <m winds down and comps papers and projects are turned in, thoughts quickly turn to what some call the best ten weeks of the year. Images of a green Bald Spot, frisbees flying through the air, and Spring Concert come immediately to mind. What some forget, however, is that classes are still in session and students are still invested in their schoolwork. When juxtaposed with these images of frisbees and concerts, academics certainly begin to recede from view.
    During spring term, it is easy to forget that the same principles and qualities that have gotten us through Carleton still apply. We are still the same hard-working, conscientious students we have always been. We still remain passionate individuals who love to talk about Marx and Hemingway and Brazil and integrals. And we still have a thirst for knowledge. While spring term is often hailed as the one term with #norules, we cannot forget how far we have come.
    Having said that, spring term is a celebration of a successful year, an anticipatory ten weeks that lead up to an enriching summer, and a chance to reflect on what you have learned over the preceding year and apply that in the present moment and beyond. The lessons learned in the classroom carry just as much weight as do those learned in the LDC, or on the Bald Spot, or at Rotblatt. So don’t allow spring term to be your excuse to stop learning, because that is what has brought you this far. Use the beautiful backdrop of spring term, with warm nights and increasing exposure to the sun, as your last chance this academic year to push yourself and to reflect on who you are. We can play hard this spring, but we can’t forget to work hard too, both in class and out of it.

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