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    <lef Jean took up a visiting professor post at Brown University this year and it got us thinking. What if we had celebrities teaching at Carleton? Obviously, we already have those professors who are revered campus icons (Harry Williams and Pierre Hecker, anyone?) but what if we had actual world-famous people posting discussion topics on Moodle? We started throwing ideas around and the following is what we came up with. It began as a vision of our dream faculty, but it evolved into the kind of list that could ruin Carleton’s academically-inclined reputation forever.

    ENGL 371-00: Advanced Poetry: Taylor Swift and Kanye West

    BIOL 125-02: Genes&Evolution w/ problem solving: Tom Cruise

    PSYC 250-00: Developmental Psychology  Kate Gosselin, guest lectures by Octomom

    CAMS 283-00: Site Specific Media: Keanu Reeves

    LING 100-00: The Noun: George W. Bush

    CAMS 111-00: Digital Foundations: T-Pain

    PHIL 110-01: Science, Faith, Rationality : Snooki and DJ Pauly D

    ENTS 215-00: Environmental Ethics : Sarah Palin

    ENGL 100-03: Shakespeare on Film: Mel Gibson

    POSC 206-00: The American Courts: Lindsay Lohan

    On a completely irrelevant note, the Carletonian would like to congratulate our President for starting his broomball season with a perfect 3-0 record. If it wasn’t so offensively cold outside, we would have cheered obnoxiously for you last night. It’s clear that you were a champion-caliber goalie without our presence so we’ll save it for the play-offs. WILL BE TIGHT! DEVIN PROMISES

    This represents the viewpoint of the editors and such.

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