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    Where are they now? Alumni Update

    <ong>Name: Barb Behringer Geiser  ’83

    Major: Economics

    What are you doing: Working at the World Bank in Washington, D.C.

    Activities you were involved in at Carleton: Volleyball, IM Basketball, Broomball, R.A., Wingspread Fellow as part of the Econ department

    Is there anything that particularly surprises you about Carleton’s campus today or what current Carleton students are doing?
    Most of the dorms are so nice now. I wonder if students will be prepared for the type of miserable post-college apartment which welcomed me after graduation.

    What is your favorite story from your time at Carleton?
    During the entire month of January 1983, the temperature never rose ABOVE 0 degrees Fahrenheit.  Fortunately, the tunnels were still open so that every Saturday evening hordes of students could transit through them in our swim suits across campus in order to attend the multiple beach parties in various dorms, replete with beach balls, blankets, sun umbrellas, and sunglasses. 

    Looking back, what is the single most influential/greatest/useful lesson/thing you learned at Carleton?
    Carleton opened my eyes to seeking out, engaging and learning from people different from me – something I use every day.

    What was your major and how does it relate to where you are now?
    I’m one of the few Carls I know who has actually worked in the field of my Carleton major (economics), serving as an international economist at the US Treasury department for nearly 25 years, before recently moving to the staff at the World Bank.

    How has your Carleton experience set you apart in the job market? What advice can you give to students currently looking for jobs?
    My Carleton experience taught me how to face new situations confident in my ability to adapt, learn new things and draw from related previous experiences. The [advice] I would add is to encourage students to never miss an opportunity to learn something/anything from an alum. I was glad to have taken some time off between Carleton and my public policy graduate program, and would recommend that to anyone.  With some “real life” work experience, students get a much better feel for their preferences and, thus, can get more out of their graduate experience!

    What was the best part/worst part about the year after you left Carleton?  How have you and your friends kept in touch?  Did you move to places close to one another? How have you made new friends?
    I actually shared an apartment in Washington DC with my Carleton volleyball teammate.  While we had great fun, we each explored the city via our different jobs and I met a great number of people playing volleyball.  Any kind of sport, drama, music interests from Carleton are likely to remain valid and social after Carleton, so I just suggest taking the initiative to seek out opportunities.  With the internet, these things are even easier to find these days.  And staying in touch with former Carl pals has been easier with e-mail, internet and, of course, REUNION! 

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