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Friday, November 5, 2010

<ong>Friday, October 22
–    10:00 p.m.  Security transported an ill student to the hospital.

Saturday, October 23
–    8:10 p.m.  Security transported a student that had been in a bicycle accident to the hospital.

Sunday, October 24
–    12:30 a.m.  an ambulance was called to transport a student with alcohol poisoning to the hospital.
–    12:45 a.m.  Security checked on an intoxicated student on the Bald Spot. The student was left in the care of sober friends.
–    1:00 a.m.  Security met with a staff member in Sayles to talk about the attempted theft of some College property.

Monday, October 25
–    3:05 a.m.  an ill student was transported to the hospital by Security.
–    9:00 a.m.  Security responded to Sayles to take a burglary report.
–    9:15 a.m.  Security responded to Willis to take another burglary report.
–    11:30 a.m.  Security took another burglary report at Sayles Hill.

Tuesday, October 26
–    8:15 p.m.  a student that had injured their thumb was taken to the Northfield hospital by Security.

Thursday, October 28
–    10:50 a.m.  Security responded to Burton Hall for a fire alarm. A problem with one of the dryers venting into the room caused a heat detector to set off the fire alarm.

Friday, October 29
–    11:25 p.m.  Security met with a Hall Director at Burton to investigate a complaint of a marijuana smell.

-Jim Bushey, Security Services

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