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    <ong>Changes at the Cave

    This year, the Cave will be making a few changes that may attract a more diverse group of students. Tucked away from the rest of campus and most active when there are popular visiting bands or weekend dances, the Cave has the reputation of being relatively exclusive and a place where only certain groups of students hang out, according to student managers Zoe Harris ’11, Tasha Rhoads ’12, and Jabir Yusoff ’11.

    As a part of the new student management and student activities’ agreement, the Cave is working to coordinate better with other student groups with the intention of creating a more open and friendly environment. In prior years, the Cave had the reputation of having a somewhat “exclusive air to it,” said Harris, a place where only certain groups of students would congregate. In addition, the Cave management went over budget last year during Spring Concert, forcing the Cave to “start the 2010 fall term in debt,” she said.

    Such drawbacks have caused the new student management team to reassess how they will run the Cave, in terms of both its reputation and their spending. As a means of recovering from the fallback, student management has begun to advertise events more frequently and is careful not to exceed budget as they book bands to come play. Furthermore, the Cave management team is beginning to coordinate better with other student groups as they sync calendars with one another and work to host various events.

    Starting this year, the Cave will be open to different types of music and other events that will be accessible to a more diverse group. “We are trying to get more varied genres of music, such as poetry night or Nightingales concerts,” Harris said.

    However, though the Cave is working to expand its social network, it remains the same at heart. The Cave’s basic philosophy —to support live music and provide an alternative space for students to gather—will be preserved.  “Things that are important are still the same,” said  Rhoads.

    Communist Daughter, a local pop-folk group, will play at the Cave on Nov. 12. 

    RAs hosting No-Alcoholiday

    The No-Alcoholiday is a new event hosted by a group of eleven RAs to provide fun alternatives to drinking next weekend. The purpose is to provide a weekend full of alternatives to a weekend of drinking and show that there are plenty of activities that students can do on the weekend without going to parties and drinking. There will be many events throughout the weekend at night including a knitting workshop,campfire, games, dance party, pizza-baking workshop, and more. Many of these events will have refreshments provided.The event organizers hope that students will go without alcohol for the weekend and see that they can still have a good time without drinking.

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