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    Notes from Abroad

    Rttesman ’12

    Biology Major

    Studying abroad in Denmark

    Living situation: Host family

    Favorite food: Flaekestag.

    Favorite class: Nordic Mythology.

    Advice: Consider the weather where you are going. No, seriously. 

    “Lost in translation”: Have a story about miscommunication? When someone just didn’t understand what you were saying or vice versa? What did you learn from it? ”

    So at the dinner table we were talking about something my host brother had to do for homework. I didn’t recognize the word (shocker-Danish is speaking indiscernible vowels with a mouth full of boiled potatoes) and my host mom didn’t know the translation, so we tried hand signals: fail. Then we tried to play pictionary to communication which works a good 40% of the time: fail. So we decide to look it up. The Danish word was “digt” but since it’s Danish it can’t be pronounced the way it looks so it’s pronounced, “dick.” When Solvejg, my wonderful host mother, looks something up in the dictionary, she constantly repeats it, which means she is sitting there, flipping through a book saying, “dick dick dick dick dick dick dick etc.” Shockingly enough I held it together (my reputation for inappropriate behavior would say otherwise), but my host dad, understand the English meaning, clearly couldn’t keep it together and just cracked up. After some Danish conversing between my host parents, my host mom goes, “OH!?” and cracks up. What a lady.   [Digt means “verse” or “poem” in Danish]

    Hai Ngo ’12

    Philosophy Major

    Studying abroad in Paris

    Living situation: Christian Kaas’ ’10 mom’s studio.

    Favorite food: Choco Noisette.

    Favorite class: Contemporary Portraiture.

    Advice: Do it. (Study abroad) 

    What were your reasons for studying abroad? Have you fulfilled any of your goals? Are you on your way to fulfilling them?

    As I am often reminded, opportunities fly by everyday in every moment.  As much as I may want to seize every single one that crosses my eyes, time is a factor.  Studying abroad was an opportunity for me to explore one of my lingering interests, which is now a part of every hour of my waking life.  I wanted to learn more technical skills, and to discover the depth of my interest in photography.  I have yet to find the limits of this interest. Probably the most valuable thing I’ve obtained here at Parsons Paris is the determination to make it as a photographer.  Easier said then done, I know.

    Enjoy a selection of Hai’s photos on his blog:

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