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Friday, May 28, 2010

Thursday, May 20

–    9:40 p.m., a fire alarm was received for Huntington House.  Burned food.  No fire.

Friday, May 2

–    6:55 a.m., vandalism was discovered at several locations on campus.

Saturday, May 22

–    12:30 a.m., a theft of college property from Sayles-Hill was reported.

–    12:50 a.m., significant amounts of alcohol were observed being brought into the Sayles dance, so it was shut down early.

–    1:40 a.m., a fire alarm was received for Cassat Hall.  Burned food.  No fire.

–    6:15 a.m., additional vandalism was discovered at multiple locations on campus.

–    10:00 a.m., an intoxicated non-Carleton student discovered in a dormitory was transported to Northfield Hospital by ambulance after being cited for underage consumption by Northfield Police.

–    9:30 p.m., two non-students were caught on campus with marijuana and smoking paraphernalia.  A citation for possession was issued by Northfield Police.

Sunday, May 23

–    12:30 a.m., a party at one of the townhouses was shut down.

–    1:20 a.m., a fire alarm was received for Burton Hall.  Someone had activated a pull station.  No fire.

–    2:00 a.m., two guests of a student admitted to smoking marijuana in his dorm room.  They were given stay-off letters and escorted off campus.

–    2:05 p.m., Security transported a student to the hospital who had cut her finger.

–    10:30 p.m., Security transported a student to the hospital who had cut his lip.

–    10:30 p.m., Security transported a student to the hospital who had injured his ankle.

Monday, May 24

–    7:45 a.m., property owned by a contractor was reported stolen from a campus location.

–    10:15 p.m., students reported a suspicious individual near the townhouses.  Security located the person, had him checked out by Northfield Police, and issued a stay-off letter.

Tuesday, May 25

–    9:50 p.m., a student reported that another part of his body had become lodged in his eye.  Security transported the student to the hospital.

Wednesday, May 26

–    4:15 a.m., students reported an individual riding a bicycle around the mini bald spot making loud noises, and who had ignored their requests to stop.  Security eventually located and apprehended the individual, who turned out to be the former St. Olaf student involved in inappropriate behavior incidents on campus last week.  A stay-off letter was issued and an escort off campus was provided by Northfield Police.

–    4:00 p.m., a student reported that his cell phone had been stolen while swimming in the Arb.


Clever, But Costly

Imaginative as they may have been, the total cost to the college of the recent acts of vandalism to Goodsell Observatory, Laird Hall, Lyman Lakes and the water tower, along with the removal of the Sayles “Knight,” was over $2,000.  As we know, optimal decision-making requires a thorough cost-benefit analysis.  Please don’t forget costs such as these.

-Randy Atchison, Security Services

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