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Friday, November 13, 2009

<ong>Friday, November 6

– 5:30 p.m., Security responded to the bald spot for a medical. A student had injured their ankle. Security transported the student to the hospital.

Saturday, November 7

– 12:45 a.m., Security responded to Hill house on a noise complaint. There was a loud party going on and Security and the Hall Director shut down the party.

– 1:30 a.m., Security responded to Davis on the complaint of a marijuana smell. The room was located and a small amount of marijuana was confiscated and turned over to the Police.

– 8:35 p.m., Security responded to Dixon house for a fire alarm. The cause of the alarm was a faulty carbon monoxide detector. An electrician was called in to fix the problem.

Sunday, November 8

– 12:35 a.m., a fog machine at the Heaven and Hell party caused the fire alarm to sound. Security responded an asked that the fog machine be shut off for the remainder of the evening.

– 1:00 p.m., Security went to Watson to check on an intoxicated student. The student was left in the care of two friends.

– 1:55 a.m., a resident of Rice house called to report a fire in their microwave. A quick thinking student with cat like reflexes put out the fire with an extinguisher.

– 12:15 p.m., someone on 4th Musser burnt something that once resembled a food item causing the fire alarm to go into alarm.

– 7:35 p.m., a carbon monoxide detector was causing a trouble alarm in Brooks house. An electrician was called in to fix the problem.

Tuesday, November 10

– 12:28 a.m., Security responded to Memorial hall for a noise complaint. Loud music was the cause of the complaint.

– 12:54 p.m., Security took a vandalism report. Someone had damaged the locking mechanism to one of the arb gates.

– 10:44 p.m., Security transported an ill student to the hospital.

Wednesday, November 11

– 7:30 p.m., while on patrol Security found the Arb Truck stuck in the middle of the small pond by the grounds shop. It appeared someone had tried to drive through the pond not realizing how deep the pond was. The alligator that resides in the pond was NOT injured during this incident.

– 12:00 p.m., Security responded to the Rec Center to check on a student with a possible head concussion. Ambulance personal arrived, checked on the student and released the student in the care of friends

Thursday, November 12

– 6:12 p.m., someone cooking ribs in one of the townhomes set off the fire alarm. Security responded and vented the room and reset the system.

– 6:54 p.m., a student with a possible head concussion was transported to the hospital.

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