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Carleton introduces ROTC program

Carleton College has just announced that it is starting an experimental ROTC program in partnership with the Department of Defense. This was surprising to many, considering Carleton’s lack of focus on being strong, avoidance of taking orders, and disclination to organized physical pursuits.

What makes the program experimental is that it includes courses that specifically appeal to future soldiers. Here are some proposed courses for the world’s first Liberal Arts War College:

  • PSYC 386: How to deal with PTSD without any help whatsoever
  • BIO 863: It’s still your kid even if it was born 2 years after you deployed
  • ENGL 007: War Authors, from Chris Kyle to Mitchell Zuckoff
  • CAMS 429: Zero Dark Thirty and other not propaganda films
  • CAMS 428: How to put a Go-Pro on your helmet
  • GEOL 983: Strategic advantages in oil-rich terrain
  • SOAN 834: How the US army doesn’t target at-risk youth
  • PHIL 576: Do people in the Middle East even have human rights to violate?
  • CS 608: Drone piloting
  • CS 765: Losing the encryption race to China (with grace)
  • PSYC 457: Enhanced interrogation techniques
  • HIST 789: Bombing runs in Cambodia, Chilean Intervention, and other things that didn’t happen
  • ENTS 909: The untold benefits of Bikini Atoll
  • WGST 511: Being anything other than male in the military.
  • CLAS 276: Semper Fi and other lessons from the Roman Army
  • PE 444: Carrying the weight of the atrocities you may commit
  • POSC 778: The easiest democracies to topple
  • ECON 343: U$ HegeMONEY
  • IDSC 823: How to think critically about critical thinking: the beauty of following orders
  • PHIL 101: How to not get radicalized by Neo-Nazis online
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