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What Scares Carls?

brought to you by your Spooky Spot Editors

◉ Getting to dinner before your friends
Knock Knock – RA on duty
◉ Going to office hours
◉ Clumps of hair in the shower
◉ Romantic Commitment
◉ Tuition increases
◉ Being ghosted
◉ Hard deadlines
◉ Firm handshakes
◉ Nutting House
◉ Police lights
◉ Room draw numbers
◉ Job prospects after graduation
◉ 1a
◉ The lab requirement
◉ Overloading
◉ Underloading
◉ Stray frisbees
◉ Hard PE classes
◉ Hard classes
◉ Computer viruses
◉ Parents seeing your tattoo
◉ Parents seeing your grades
◉ Finals
◉ Midterms
◉ Self advocacy
◉ The career center for some reason

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