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Senior reflects on growth and change at Carleton

As I try to write something to sum up my senior reflections, I think back to how often I wrote for the Viewpoint as a first term, first year student and wonder how I had the confidence to write in the opinion section. I remember thinking at the time that I would surely look back and cringe a little at what I had written—and it’s true, after looking back on some of my pieces, I do cringe. But I take that reaction to be a testament to the fact that I’ve grown over these past four years. And thank goodness for that.

I’m grateful for Carleton for showing me that life isn’t about having just one adjustment period and then being done, but rather that there is always growth happening. That shifts and rifts come no matter what, so you better be ready to adjust. That nothing will stay the same, so you had better take it in (whatever that “it” might be at the moment) and be present.

It’s been amazing to see how the Carletonian has changed in these past few years. I was part of the first editorial team to make our social media accounts, got the first interview with Dean Livingston during her first term at Carleton, and covered stories ranging from the gut-wrenching to the last-minute page-filling necessities. And the paper continues to grow— Ross and Sarah have done an incredible job leading their team into the launch of a new, paywallfree website and have carefully and gracefully navigated the loss of access to our local printing press after it closed its doors. Things are always changing, and I’ve admired and respected this team’s continuing acceptance of the need to meet these new realities with a willing spirit.

Some growth takes longer than we want it to. I’ve witnessed and participated in student activism on campus and know that while there are challenges, change happens when we are persistent. We can’t solve all of Carleton’s institutional problems within our four years here, but we can notice them and act on them in sustained ways that help further the longterm goals of making change.

This is the hope that I leave Carleton with. That the work I’ve been a part of here will continue on once I’m gone. That the work I do, off in my new adventures, will matter. That what I’ve done has made an impact, however small, and that I can continue to be a force wherever I go. I’m ready to leave Carleton and continue putting all the things that I’ve learned into practice. I’m ready to keep growing.

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