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If Carleton really rearranged the academic calendar

<ke up on the Monday of first week, I opened my email to find a message from our college’s president. Assuming it was a standard “welcome to spring term” address, I opened it, not expecting a major announcement. Thus, it took me a second or two to realize that the new calendar was not happening, and winter term was not going anywhere. But what if it did? Here are some predictions. 

1. Since pretty much all high schools in the US at least end in the late spring, incoming Carleton freshmen would have almost full gap years before beginning college. Thus, freshmen would essentially be forced to have more life experiences during these months off and may actually be more mature than freshmen typically are at Carleton.

2. Carls from warm places would be incredibly annoying anytime there is cold, let alone snow, during the spring and fall terms.

3. A greater percentage of Carls would get their dream internships, as the winter is less competitive.

4. In relation, Carls from warm places should be required to have an internship in Minnesota (or a similarly cold area) just to get a sense of what winter is like here. You can’t hide from it forever, kids.

5. Midwinter Ball would become Midsummer Ball and maybe occur on the Bald Spot or some other weird place outside.

6. Forget about the summer (or, in this case, winter) academic programs. If you think it is hard to get college students to come here in the cold, high schoolers would be impossible.

7. Winter sports would maybe just have to fade away. Oh well.

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