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Carleton College, Carlton or Carleton University?

< this day many of my relatives spell the institution I attend as Carlton.

I genuinely don’t know. Maybe it’s because their obsession with Northeast schools (oh my god why is she going to school in Minnesota?) led them to not even know about Carleton’s existence before I began going here in 2015. Regardless, to this day I regularly see them spell it out without the e.

“Yeah, my niece attends Carlton in Minnesota.” Why is the e so difficult? Huh?

Then, there the people who spell it correct, but then think it is actually Carleton University. You know, the one up in Ottawa. I remember in the Carleton College Class of 2019 Facebook page before our freshman year several people discussing how they had family members and friends buy them apparel for the Canadian Carleton. Now, that is hilarious, but would it kill these people to do a quick Google search in determining which Carleton it is? It’s not difficult, especially if you care about someone enough to buy them related apparel.

I know Carleton (College, I guess I need to include that now for clarification), is not the only school in this naming dilemma. There is Cornell University in New York and then there is Cornell College in Iowa. In this case you don’t even need to cross national borders.

What was the point of this rant? I don’t know. I just find it hilarious how these tiny distinction for Carleton constantly get mixed up. I don’t think Carleton, Cornell or any of these schools should need to change their names. Maybe just do some research so you don’t make a fool of yourself in front of people you know at these schools. Thanks.

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