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Real Carleton stories…or fake news?

<me of the bookstore’s hidden merchandise spells it as “Carlton.”

2. The Office of Alumni Relations once accidentally sent an email to all current students requesting that they donate money.

3. Someone wrote a children’s book about Lyman once.

4. One winter the extreme weather made for conditions in which all the campus pathways resembled ice rinks for several hours.

5. Two students have been able to successfully summit the water tower throughout Carleton’s history.

6. Someone once put a condom on a salt shaker in Sayles.

7. The national secretary of the U.S. Socialist Workers Party is a Carleton alum.



How did you do?


1. False.

2. True. This happened in 2016. It was awkward and led to a bunch of hilarious reply emails.

3. False. It is a cute idea, though, and somebody should do that. It probably will be more popular than the book that was written about Mike Pence’s rabbit.

4. True. Winter of 2017 on this day heightened the probability of falling to a glorious death while just walking along.

5. False. Maybe somebody should try it. I don’t know.

6. True. Spotted and later posted on Overheard in the spring of 2017. The remaining question is why someone did this.

7. True. His name is Jack Barnes.

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