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Aminé delivers high-energy performance at Spring Concert

<ir="ltr">Despite cooler than usual weather, this year’s Spring Concert saw hundreds of students come to see the show.

“I can say that we are all really happy with Spring Concert this year,” said Avery Cheng ’18, a member of the Spring Concert Committee. “The artists fit well within our budget, and we were able to add a few bonuses like the banners and digital screen behind the stage.”

Throughout the day, students could be seen throwing frisbees, playing volleyball or cornhole, laying on the grass or dancing at the stage. There were also numerous food options, including snow cones, a gyro truck and dinner provided by Bon Appétit.

The show began at 3:00 PM with student DJ Eve Liu ’20. Following Liu, student bands, DJs and other bands performed, including Battle of the Bands winner All Grown Up.

Prior to Aminé’s appearance, student DJs Bolu Johnson ’18 and Busayo Bolonduro ’18, known as DJ Sharko and DJ Duro,  put on a captivating performance featuring popular hip hop and rap songs, which they described as “bangers.”

After a brief break, which saw the infamous Schiller statue brought on stage and passed into the crowd, Aminé’s performance began with a brief opening set by his DJ, who performed a mash-up of popular and upbeat hip hop songs. The DJ switched masterfully from song to song, smoothly transitioning between a buildup in one song to a drop in another song.

“It is one of the coolest mash-ups I’ve ever seen,” said one student. “Everyone was on their toes the whole time—we never knew what we were going to hear next.”

His set segued cleanly into Aminé’s performance, which opened with energy and excitement. Aminé’s set featured heavy crowd participation. At one point, the crowd sang “Caroline,” his most well-known song, almost entirely on their own.

Aminé also brought with him a message of love and positivity. After almost every song, he would prompt the crowd by saying “You’re beautiful,” to which the crowd was told to reply, “I know!” In the crowd, people were dancing, singing, and jumping along to all of his songs, including, and especially during, a cover of “No Scrubs” by TLC.

Other songs Aminé performed included popular hits “Yellow,” “Heebiejeebies,” and “REDMERCEDES,” as well as “STFU,” “Hero” and “Spice Girl,” which made a second appearance during a brief and well-warranted encore.

The concert concluded with a dramatic and lengthy fireworks show. Students sat captivated on the grass and watched as the fireworks went off right over their heads.

According to one sophomore, “They were definitely some of the best fireworks I’ve ever seen. We were so close to them and they just kept coming.”

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