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Two Truths and A Lie

<ong>Humberto Huergo (Spanish):

1) I married my sister’s lover.

2) I am attracted to monastic life—silence, frugal meals, strict discipline, religious chants, depriving myself of sensual pleasures as a higher form of pleasure… It all makes a lot of sense to me.

3) I love Don Quijote.

Al Montero (Political Science):

1) I engaged in black market currency exchange in the elevators of luxury hotels in a South American country when I was in college.

2) When I was a kid, I threw pebbles at alligators to make them hiss and tempt them to come out of the lagoon to run after me and my friends.

3) I met my wife at a bull fight in Madrid, Spain.

Rich Keiser (PoliSci / AMST):

1) I was ejected from a casino in Las Vegas for counting cards and now I’m on a watch list.

2) After graduating from college, I parachuted out of an airplane, just for the adventure.

3) I was awarded a Bachelor’s Degree and a Master’s Degree on the same day.

Cindy Blaha (Physics):

1) My favorite star is Arcturus.

2) When I was five, I was proud to find the Big Dipper just like my older brother.

3) I was once a talking fish.

Linda Rossi (Art):

1) I played the saxophone in a jazz group in Philadelphia.

2) I found enchanted pink dolphins in the Amazon River.

3) I had dinner with George Clooney.

Andy Flory (Music):

1) I once played Tony in West Side Story

2) One of my favorite singers is John Denver

3) I produced a hip-hop record while still in high school

Frank McNally (Physics):

1) I attended the inaugural Silent Dance Party

2) As a child model I was featured on a famous album cover

3) I was the state dictionary skills champion in 8th grade

For answers, check out the print copies in the Sayles Newsstands or stay tuned for updates later in the week!

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