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Newly-elected CSA executives pledge change

<rleton Student Association (CSA) Senate announced the results of this year’s election. Apoorva Handigol ’19 won the presidential race, Selam Nicola ’19 won the vice-presidential race, while John Mullan ’20 won the race for treasurer.

Each of the newly-elected CSA executives has previously served on the Senate, as either class representative or committee member.
Handigol stated that they hope their term in office will continue the agenda of current CSA President Walter Paul, by “transforming the Senate from another manifestation of bureaucracy to a community prioritizing campus climate issues and the ways this institution is falling short of adequately supporting marginalized students daily,” they said.

Handigol is one of the organizing members of the student group, Carls Talk Back, and said, “My first task as we transition into the new executive team is to ensure that our momentum on Carls Talk Back does not die down, that we hold the administration accountable in following up with us and acting on our demands over merely discussing them.”

As further items on their agenda, Handigol said that “I will make Green Dot Training once again mandatory for Senators, create better ways for students abroad to apply for CSA positions and will work to create a Disabilities Services Liaison in the Senate.”
Handigol emphasized the importance of continuity and accountability, saying, “I am passionate about improving and critiquing our school because I love Carleton so deeply.”

However, “students form committees and working groups to do what the administration is meant to do, and when those students graduate, these efforts continue repetitively over decades while nothing is being done to address them. I want to collaborate with the executives, senators, and other CSA members to understand how to make these pathways of communication more accessible so we can truly reform our policies and practices.”

“I want to understand from students their priorities for the next school year so that the transition to fall term doesn’t let us lose our progress in making Carleton a better place for current and future students,” Handigol added.

When asked why they decided to run for office, Handigol said that “over a year ago, past and current executives and friends told me to consider running for CSA President, a role I didn’t picture myself in until they brought it up. When I asked why, they responded, ‘because you’re involved in a lot of things on campus. And that shows you care.’ And I do care.”

CSA’s Vice-President-elect, Selam Nicola ’19, said that she “was prompted to run for Vice President because I want to be able to reconstruct budget committee to cater to student needs,” and added that “the first item on my agenda is to create some sort of survey for Carleton students to review and assess the Budget Committee.” 

“I really want to strengthen dialogue between the student body and CSA Senate and committees to figure out how we can best structure Senate and Budget Committee to enhance student experiences,” Nicola said.

John Mullan ’20, the Treasurer-elect, declined to be interviewed for this article, but stated previously that his goal as Treasurer would be to “rethink how CSA is funded.”

He said in his platform that “I would work diligently to make sure that people are taking advantage of this money that is set aside for student purposes… and I believe advertising not only what the current projects are, but also the financial implications of those projects, is critical to assure informed voters.”

Handigol added that “I’m very excited to continue working with Selam, John, and the other senators by making Senate a more personable, inviting, and intentional space in which we find strength in our differences, experiences, and resources we each bring to the table.”

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