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What class year are you, really?

<t annoys you the most about communal living?
A) The constant chatter in the lounge. I mean can there never be any quiet?
B) The people who have the audacity to blast their music while they’re in the shower
C) Screw communal living. I’m way past that

2.     What do you eat in the dining hall?
A) A well-balanced salad and maybe a cookie if I went to the rec beforehand
B) A weird array of pasta, tofu and maybe veggies, with definitely a dessert
C) Literally whatever I can scrap together, whenever I do go to the dining hall

3. What are your thoughts on alums commenting on Overheard?
A) Who are these people? Get them out of here!
B) Eh, I’m indifferent
C) I’m just realizing I’ll be one of them soon

4. What’s considered a long walk for you on campus?
A) Goodhue to Weitz maybe?
B) Anytime I have to cross the Bald Spot
C) I don’t walk. I drive

5. Where’s your lanyard?
A) In the bottom drawer of my desk
B) It might be in one of my storage boxes
C) There were lanyards? When?

6. How much do you like your Stalkernet photo?
A) Not too different, except for the haircut
B) I’ve lost my One Card so many times and I make the office take a picture each time so it is quite recent actually
C) I am a different person in that picture

7. Why are you taking this quiz?
A) I finished my homework for my 4a and wanted to pass the time
B) I am evaluating every aspect of my identity
C) I am stressed and needed something other than that research paper

Mostly A’s

You are a First-Year with a lot of hope in your eyes. You also probably have your life more together than I do. Can you give me tips?
Mostly B’s
You are a sophomore. It is needless to say that you have Sophmorphosis. You are a bit saltier than you were last year, but you probably are still applying for the super lofty internships (the ones that say they’ll only accept grad students).
Mostly C’s
You are an upperclassmen. Yes I squished juniors and seniors together because much of the struggle is surprisingly similar (how I am already working on the paper that there is a 99% chance will be my Comps). I suggest you look at the explanation for Mostly A’s. You still have that youthful hope.

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