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Thinking outside the dorms

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Did you get a horrible room draw number but can’t bear the thought of living in Musser or Goodhue for another year? Leave the dorms behind and try out these alternative sleeping lo- cations on campus.

Alumni Guest House: Disguise yourself as an alum and sneak in. If you can convince them that you’re running a career workshop on campus, you might be able to remain undetected for a few nights (just make sure they don’t double check your identity with the Career Center down- stairs). The only downside is that you’ll have to ward off requests for donations to the college.

The massive hole in the ground where Mudd used to be: Be at one with the earth and soil (and with the disembodied spirit of Mudd) by setting up a tent at the bottom of the construction site. Just be sure to get out of there before construction starts up in the morning.

2nd floor of Laird: It always seems like more heat gets pumped into Laird than any- where else on campus, so a thin sleeping bag should suffice to keep you warm.

Concert Hall: If you sleep in a chair in the Concert Hall every night for the rest of the term, by the time finals roll around your brain will associate this location with peace and relaxation. This will help you to ace your finals (if you can stay awake).

Lyman Lakes: Buy one of those luxury ice fishing houses and set up camp on the ice. If you’re worried the ice isn’t thin enough, try relocating to the skating rink on the Bald Spot in- stead.

Bookstore: Make a large pile of Carleton sweatshirts for a mattress, grab a midnight snack from the food aisle, and if you need some light reading, just remember all of the textbooks downstairs.

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