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Bad advice from a senior: room draw edition

<erclass People,

Room draw is upon us. As someone who has undergone the process three times, I know well the agony that can ensue. Have the last number of the entire student body? Here are a few helpful tips about how to make even the top senior draw numbers want you:

1) Grab your boom box and play SKRILLEX outside their dorm room window at strange hours of the night. This will demonstrate your commitment to your blossoming roommateship as well as show your refined music tastes, an important question on all rooming questionnaires.

2) Hold a fundraiser where people can give you $1 to swim one lap in the Cannon River. Tell the potential roommate that you are raising the money to deck out the room in High School Musical photos and shirtless photos of Zac Efron and Taylor Lautner. This will demonstrate that you would be willing to go to great lengths, literally, to ensure that your room is super stylish

3) Promise that you will bring a puppy and a kitten to campus that are certifiably best friends. Tell your future roommate that if they pick you, you can manage the @kittypuppyfriends4evah1239 Instagram account together and become Instagram famous. It already has 4 followers!

4) Buy them tickets to go to Aruba with you over Midterm break. No need asking them beforehand. Carleton students don’t have any homework over the weekend anyway. Make sure that there are a ton of layovers to make sure the 12 hours you can spend there before needing to get back to Carleton by Tuesday worth it.

5) Send them memes of cute animals with subtle captions like “We fit together like pieces of a puzzle” or “Save me from living in the distant lands of Goodhue PLEASE.”

6) Smile and wave awkwardly whenever you see them. They will understand what you want without even having to say it. This is especially effective if you have never met the person before.

A small piece of maybe good advice: Remember that room draw is a stressful time for everyone. You are not alone. Keep in mind that while it may seem super dire right now, everything will turn out okay and where you live will be pretty inconsequential to your overall experience. For all you know, your neighbor in that tiny Musser double you didn’t want could turn out to be your next friend!

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