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Quiz: How done with this term are you?

<t’s your favorite item of winter clothing?
a) Scarf
b) Electric blanket
c) Mittens
d) Showing off how I’m not cold by wearing none of the above

2. If you could paint your dorm room a color, you’d pick:
a) Sunset blush
b) Bb blue

c) Red

d) Eggshell white

3. The best part of waking up is:
a) Drinking coffee 10 minutes later
b) Taking a shower
c) Pressing snooze on your alarm for another 10 minutes of sleep
d) Turning on a podcast

4. The biggest scheduling no-no?
a) Taking a 1a
b) Taking an 8:15am T/TH class
c) Social Dance at 8pm on Mondays
d) Any extracurriculars or activities at all. Don’t sign me up! For anything!

5. Can’t leave the room without:
a) Phone, gotta send those daily snapchats
b) Snacks, gotta stay munchy
c) Self-confidence, gotta be a star!
d) Instant oatmeal packets, gotta say that oats are good

6. Where were your aspirations for yourself at the beginning of the term?
a) I planned on making 3 new friends
b) I thought I’d sleep 8 hours every night
c) I’d only go on social media twice a day
d) I was going to eat salad 3 times a week

7. How did you do at meeting your goals?

a) Meh

b) Why get 8 hours of sleep when you can manage on less?

c) Zut

d) Spinach is good but I need this bowl of Lucky Charms right now!

8. How are you feeling about your finals?
a) No ideas are bad ideas!
b) They will be over soon
c) I think I can, I think I can
d) Just another day in the life

If you got mostly A’s, you’re: Kinda done with this term! You think you could hold out for a week or two longer, but realistically, you know it’s time to let go.

If you got mostly B’s, you’re: Super done with this term tbh lol. It’s been fun, and you’re great and everything is overall fine, but it’s time to be done! There’s life to be lived outside of this stress bubble.

If you got mostly C’s, you’re: Already gone! See ya in six weeks, and until then, no academia! Bye! Don’t talk to me!

If you got mostly D’s, you: Need a break! Time for more you time. Enjoy the sights of other places and people for a bit. 

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