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DIY Carleton Halloween Costumes

<oking for a topical and relatable costume but are running out of practical ideas? Have a party to go to but haven’t put anything together yet? Want to embody the spookiest parts of Carleton? Here are some quick Halloween costumes that you can put together right now!

A Bug in the LDC Salad
Step 1: Rip up some green construction paper and tape it to your body. Try your best to make it resemble some leafy greens.
Step 2: Stuff a sock (maybe with some more socks) and draw some eyes on it. Tape it to your shoulder and occasionally waggle it so it looks like a live grub.
Step 3: Steal a fork from the dining hall and carry it around with you. Also look perpetually disgusted and you’re good to go.

Asian Lady Beetle
Step 1: Get an orange t-shirt. A light orange is best, as opposed to neon, but do your best.
Step 2: Cut out some black construction paper circles and tape them to your back. Make sure they’re small enough so you can put at least 12 on there.
Step 3: Use pipe cleaners to make a little lady beetle antennae headband.
Step 4: To make this costume even stronger, get together a group of friends (any number is fine, but the more people, the better the costume. Aim for swarms of 50) and have them all dress up as lady beetles. Move in large packs and hang out around outside building entrances.

That One Guy in Your PoliSci or Philosophy Class
Step 1: Get a polo shirt, preferably white or light blue in color, and some khaki shorts. Tuck the shirt into the shorts.
Step 2: Make sure your belt and shoes don’t match by getting a dark brown belt and light brown boat shoes.
Step 3: Get some white or black socks that go up to about mid-calf and pull them up all the way.
Step 4: Get a large gold and leather watch, but don’t use it to check the time. It’s just for show.
Step 5: Print out some Huffington Post articles and carry them around with you. Refer to them constantly.

A 1a
Step 1: Wear your pajamas.
Step 2: Mess up your hair.
Step 3: Show up 10 minutes late to everything.
Step 4: Keep telling everyone you run into that you have a 1a and then groan.

A 1a in the Weitz
Step 1: Don’t show up to anything. Just hide in your room.

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