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Carleton’s many “bald spots”

<rleton’s campus is full of “baldspots.” There is the Mini Baldspot, there’s the Baldspot and there is the Carletonian “Baldspot.” But what other things that can be found on campus also have baldspots?

1.The baldspot when it has inception baldspots after they take the ice rinks out after winter term

2. A cat that got too close to a 4-year-old child with scissors and a passion for cosmetology

3. Hair that got too close to a 4 year old child chewing gum and a passion for large bubbles and a lack of knowledge of personal space

4. Hair that has gone through the natural struggles of age

5. A campus that is being dug up for geothermal wells

6. A campus that is being dug up for fracking

7. A campus that has been dug up in order to find the gold buried under Musser (you didn’t hear it from me)

8.The microwaves in Musser that have sections charred from setting popcorn on fire one too many times (this one is for you, 2016 3rd Musserites <3)

9. A rug that has been coated in beer except for one small section after an all too rousing game of rage cage (21+)

10. A rug that has been so intensely danced upon by epic dance battles that parts have been rubbed raw (Silent Dance Party 2k17)

11. My mailbox on Friday Flowers day that is surrounded by so many bouquets that it looks like an empty patch in a field full of color

12. My mailbox that is full of campus mail but has one part left empty since no one submitted their finished mad libs to me

13. A heart that can no longer love (like when no one submitted their mad libs to me)

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