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A Guide on How to Deal with Feelings

<re difficult. They’re hard to express and sometimes it’s even impossible to tell what that strange sensation above your stomach is. Are you nervous? Are you gloomy? Are you hungry? Then, when we try to translate these mystery feelings into words, the problems begin. So how do we let those both close to us and far away (we’ve all had weird feelings for strangers, it happens) know what’s going on between our hearts and our heads? Some tips.

1. Variations on a Classic. Next time someone asks you how you’re feeling hit them with that classic “fine,” but, for maximum impact, use air quotes when you say fine and then give them a big wink. They’ll be just as confused and uncomfortable as you are!

2. Actions Speak Louder than Words. Are you standing across Sayles at lunchtime, longing to communicate to someone that you don’t dislike them as much as you dislike everyone else? That’s a big feeling. The best way to express it is with a big action. Run away. Move to Alaska. The bolder the move, the better.

3. Artistic Expression. Art has been used to communicate feelings for thousands of years. Instead of letting words get in the way, draw someone a picture. Stick figures and lots of arrows are encourged.

4. Buy a Piñata. Once you have your piñata, fill it with all your feelings. Write them on little slips of paper, write them on candy wrappers. Fill it to the brim. When you’re ready, give it to the person you’re trying to communicate with. Once they hit it open it’ll be raining feelings!

5. Sell Your Soul. Summon a demon of your choice and bargain with them. No soul, no feelings. Just make sure you include a no-returns policy, because once a demon gets a handle on all the repressed feelings, they’re going to want to give it back.

6. Simple Things. Sometimes sharing a hug, a cup of tea, a good show on Netflix, a run, some French fries, or whatever is comforting to you with someone can help soothe those messy feelings, even if it’s only for a few hours.  

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