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What’s Colder than Minnesota?

<u wake up in the morning and sigh as you put on your full body long underwear jumpsuit, 3 layers of pants, long sleeved shirt, 2 jackets and winter coat. You wrap your scarf around your neck, pull your hat as far over your ears as possible (so you can’t really see that well, but warmth is the priority) and put your hands into your gloves and those little hand things that come in your coat but don’t really have a name. It is so cold outside! But, no matter how many newspapers talk about Minnesota having the worst winter and no matter how many below freezing snapchat filters you use, there is very little we can do to solve our weatherly dilemma. However, here is a list of some of the places and things that are probably a lot colder than good ol’ Northfield:

1. Verhoyansk, Russia: The lowest recorded temperature there was -93.6 F in 1892.

2. International Falls, MN: Our Minnesota neighbor is actually significantly colder than good ol’ Northfield. Just last year, the temperature hit -40 F. It has long been considered to be The Icebox of the Nation.

3. NASA’s Cold Atom Lab: In 2014, it was reported that it was one of the coldest places in the known universe (colder than space!) at 100 pico-Kelvin (fyi each pico-Kelvin is about a billionth degree below zero…)

4. That piece of copper scientists chilled: Apparently the coldest thing that has been conjured up in a lab. 6 millikelvins!

5. Inside the LDC freezer: Never been but it must be pretty cold in there. Rumor is that it is going to be a triple draw option next year to make room for all the incoming freshman.

6. Narnia: Trust me, I have been there through the Burton 115 closet and it is really frigging cold. At least they have a lion there named Aslan who gives you spiritual guidance, right?

7. Arendelle: Must be pretty cold there seeing that their queen is an ice queen. But maybe I should “let this one go.”

8. The undercarriage of a boat transporting ice cream across the Atlantic Ocean: They have to preserve all that ice cream, after all.

9. The ice that comes with the phrase “Do you want some ice with that burn?”: The ice must be pretty cold because that was quite the burn.

My heart.

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