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Top Ten Overheard at Carleton Posts

< looked at the devil, and said, “you know, that guy needs an advocate.”

2. Overheard in Evans: “I love corgis! They’re like nature’s mistake. Except we did it.”

3. On dating: “My body says yes, but my schedule says no.”

4. “Marry quesadillas, f*** mozz sticks, kill chicken strips.”

5. Reunion: 80-year-old man (flirtatiously): Remember me?
    80-year-old woman         (also flirtatiously): Oh,         I sure do.

6. Disappointed Freshman: “Can I get my meal swipe back?”

7. Overheard in the Carleton Bubble: “You think Econo is open on midterm break?”

8. Boy Prospie: What kind of music do you like?
    Girl Prospie: Well, recently I’ve been into alternative broadway…

9. “If we show up at Carleton University next term, do you think they’ll notice the difference?”

10. Person 1: Hey how are you today!
    Person 2: No.

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