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You actually have to be responsible now

<s eight years ago that President Obama was inaugurated. I remember watching the ceremony with my sixth grade homeroom at Bedford Middle School. The way our new President spoke on that day, with such eloquence, truly stuck with me. Looking across the room of my snarky, pubescent peers, I saw nothing but smiles across everyone’s faces. Then, when I got home that day, I will never forget what my dad, a vocal opponent of Bush, said, “We finally have a national head that understands the true values of America and how to lead respectfully.” During Obama’s tenure in office, these ideas became quite true. While Obama, like any politician, has his fair share of flaws, he represented an inspiring image that I had never known in the American presidency for more than the first decade of my life.

Now the same is happening, but for President Trump. Never did I think I would have to put those two words together. And yet here we are. Today is the day you, Trump, are inaugurated into your position. I may be just a college student in a small town in Minnesota, but I genuinely believe that most of this nation’s youth, myself included, have a greater understanding of American politics than you ever could. With that, I thought I would use this space to give you some advice for two main reasons: so you come to certain realizations of our government system and so you don’t cause irreparable damage to this land in the next few years. Although that may still happen, regardless of what I say here.

There is a system known as checks and balances. You are the president, not a supreme ruler. You may be head of the executive branch, but that means you still have to deal with those in the Judicial and Legislative ones. While many other figures in our national representation (tragically) support your views, everyone knows that trying to pass legislation in Congress is about as effective as trying to get through a busy city street on a Segway (seriously, why do those things exist?). The gridlock will stop you from enacting some of those ideas of yours, like banning Muslims’ entry into the country. At least, we all hope that is the case.

Being President is a real, grownup job. You, sir, have been given far too many privileges throughout your life. However, these privileges do not mean your presidency will be some chill job. Obama worked tirelessly throughout his presidency and you will have to do the same. You will have to read long, boring documents (you do know how to read, right?), discuss important policy matters with people you disagree with and make quite complicated decisions. The livelihood of more than 300 million individuals rests in part on your power, and problems can no longer be solved by you making casual rape jokes. And if they can actually be solved doing that, then buy me the next one-way flight to somewhere far away from this unfortunate land.

Ignore these two tips: resign now and bring Mike Pence with you. The day you won the election, and still today, I do not recognize you as my President. I think of you as a figure who gained enough luck and money to have the Electoral College work in his favor. It hurts my throat whenever I try to say “President Trump,” and even more when I say “Vice President Pence” (unlike you, he actually believes in bizarre matters like conversion therapy). So please, can you recognize that so many people in this country hate you and want you gone? I don’t ask for much.

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