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Carleton’s “Haunt” Spots

<ir="ltr" id="docs-internal-guid-085ad54f-0cfb-9d88-de7f-9fefc23f4a86">Unlike Carleton’s occasionally disappearing wifi, Carleton’s “haunt”spots will never disappoint … especially if you’ve just come from a night of partying and decide it’s a great idea to scare yourself. So for all you brave, possibly drunk ghostbusters out there who are ready for some “soul searching,” here’s the definitive, 100% tried and true list of spooky spots at Carleton. Just don’t forget your flashlight and Solo Cup.

The Druid Circle: Ok, so this one truly has all the signs. Ghosts in strange cloaks have actually been seen here, and they’re so solid that they actually look alive. Also, these ghosts wander into campus sometimes; I’ve actually seen them walking among us! Just like us humans, they generally travel in groups, so they’re almost impossible to spot by anyone except the most experienced of supernatural enthusiasts (a title you only gain if you start watching scary movies in September in preparation for Halloween).

Faculty Club: I’ve lived there, so I would know. At the back of the house, there’s this creepy screen-porch that’s somehow 10 degrees colder than the rest of the house, especially during the winter. You can practically feel the ghost breath on your neck. There’s a staircase that ends at a wall, a room that’s locked and supposedly uninhabited, and even candlesticks nailed to the walls. The lounge feels like the perfect scene for an Agatha Christie murder mystery, and I swear the laundry room is creepier than the Hunt House basement on a weekend night.

Goodsell: It just looks haunted. And outer space is scary … especially when you’re feeling all philosophical and can’t take your eyes away from the stars. Because they’re so beautiful, and you realize how complicated the world is and how strange eyes are … This place is so haunted that “whoa dude” are the only words that come out of your mouth.

Evans: Simply put, these are the ghosts of parties past. These ghosts are responsible for the bad party music drifting down the halls for some reason every Wednesday night.        

That creepy statue of Schiller in one of the library’s stairways that’s hanging from the wall.                                       

The library’s resident penguin: no animal stays that still … I swear that little fluffball’s hiding something.

The Weitz: This place gets noisy after dark. And the ghosts you find there are always in pairs really close to each other. You’ll never see these ghosts the same way again. Avoid eye-contact with them at all costs.

The 1980s-looking clock they put in the Concert Hall, but only during self-scheduled finals. It moves waaay too fast for it not to be possessed.

Dacie Moses: Don’t worry though, Dacie Moses is home to a friendly ghost. She’s like your mom when you go home for winter break; she just won’t leave you alone. But hey, there’s always cookies.

The Tunnels: What’s the real reason they’re closed? Ghosts have been spray-painting the walls for years, desperately trying to get such critical information to us current students as “See Stallone at his bestial best! Rambeau.” What does it mean?!?

1st Libe: Once you descend into its depths of productivity, you’ll never leave. It’s where the shadow Carls make their home, and we all know they’re really ghosts. The ghosts here remain sitting motionless on uncomfortable wooden chairs for hours on end, something a human would never be able to do. The only sounds are the occasional turning of a page, and the overly loud coughing from one of these ghosts if you turn the page too loudly. Even with their eyes in their books, you can feel their eyes on you.

The bridge at the end of Canon River: It practically screams “don’t go past this point, because it you do, you’ll be outside of the Carleton bubble!” There’s nothing scarier than that.

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