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10th Week Feels: A playlist to get you through the end of this godforsaken term

<ir="ltr">“I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” The Proclaimers: I would walk 500 miles and I would walk 500 more just to fall down at home in my bed and not do these papers and exams. Don’t worry, your bed will be waiting at the end of it all.

“Too Good,” Drake ft. Rihanna: “I’m too good for you” is your motto as you walk across campus, ready to tackle your upcoming exam/ready to shake off all the haters. You’ve got this. You’re a star.

“The Worst,” Jhene Aiko: The title pretty much explains it all. This is the worst. But you’ll survive it.

“Close,” Nick Jonas ft. Tove Lo: We are so close. So close. We can do this. Time is just a word someone made up to prevent us from quickly passing by these next few weeks of school.

“I’m In Control,” Aluna George: Think about it school-wise. You’re in control of your academic destiny. You will ace your finals.

“Hold on, We’re Going Home,” Drake ft. Majid Jordan: Just hold on, we’re going home (home being: an internship, a relaxing summer at home, a job, a research position at Carleton, or anything that doesn’t involve taking 3×6 credit classes over a course of 10 weeks).

“TiO,” Zayn Malik: I just wanna watch you when you take it off/ take off that heavy backpack baby, take it off!- an ode to my heavy backpack. It’s time for some space in our relationship, backpack, though you know I love you.  

“UGH!,” The 1975: my thoughts on studying for finals explained perfectly.

“Thinking Out Loud,” Ed Sheeran: What am I doing? Why am I on Facebook right now instead of studying?

“Never Ending,” Rihanna: This term is never ending….

“The Night is Still Young,” Nicki Minaj: So keep working on that paper! It’s only 4 am! You’ve got this!

“Bang My Head,” David Guetta ft. Sia and Fetty Wap: Accurate. I definitely feel like banging my head against the wall. Several walls, actually.

“The Crying Game,” Nicki Minaj ft. Jessie Ware: It’s a really fun game that I play with my emotions when I have overwhelming amounts of homework to do and no time to do them.

“Dancing with Tears in My Eyes,” Ke$ha: What we will all be doing on the last day of classes. G bless that we will soon be done with school. For a whole summer.

“Say Goodbye,” Chris Brown: There’s never a right time to say goodbye to your friends from school, but ResLife will kick you out of the dorms on June 7th at 2pm. So say goodbye before then.

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