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Horoscope: What is your fate for 10th week?


You’re probably gonna get sun burned!! Stay out of the sun and stay in your lane. 


Don’t climb any trees. Eat your greens.


You need to most definitely stay in your lane!! Don’t do anything dumb in the very short time you have left this term.

Cancer: You are gonna be crabby so try to stay not crabby. Meditate as you crab walk, maybe that will help.

Leo: You’re gonna be burning bridges in the next 2 weeks so try not to set anyone on fire.

Virgo: Stop being problematic. Check yo self before you wreck yo self.

Libra: You are a leaf. You’ll have bad BO so make sure you take a shower and air that ish out!

Scorpio: You’re salty, so make sure to add your salt to the tasteless food that we get here.

Sagittarius: Take care of yourself. Make sure all the bolts and gears are in order and get a check up before Rotblatt. Capricorn: You’re gonna do pretty well, but not too well, so like don’t let it get to your head.

Aquarius: Quench that thirst. I recommend cucumber and strawberry infused water.

Pisces: Stop eating fish. Your sign is a fish so isn’t that kind of rude to eat a fish if that fish symbolizes you?

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