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Lenny Dee creates strong line-up

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This Lenny Dee show brings together a strong collection of new stars and seasoned characters. Some key stars of the show were Donald Trump played by Sam Sauerhaft ’19, Drunk Robot by Emily Clark ’17, and “Hair Man” by Christian Kreznar ’16 who brought an interesting twist to a classic story. Ceci Hart ’19, Nick Anaclerio ’18 and Abby Tiarks ’19 also brought to life a series of short sketches chronicling the trials of the Carleton student worker with perfect emotion and energy.

The show’s sketches traveled through many worlds, visiting the fantastical and strange worlds of Narnia, Ebenezer Scrooge and the current presidential race. The show put forward lots of fresh material. It seemed to span more ideas and places and focused less than previous shows on Carleton scenes, instead having wide ranging scenarios. It did still have a few Carleton sketches, but most material would be accessible to everyone. With requisite Carleton references, Joe Baggot is name-dropped and St. Olaf is dissed, this Lenny Dee show is both classic and punchy.

Also shout out to Issacc Garfinkle ’17 for playing Aslan, perfectly embodying the cool kid who doesn’t care about you and to Gracie McNeely ’16 for adding some much needed feminist commentary to Queen Susan’s storyline.

Although some of the sketches fell a little flatter than others overall the show was really fun and did not have moments of dragging. However, be warned that the show does run for an hour and a half so if your plans include a party at 10:30, be aware you will be the person sneaking out less quietly than you think you are. Also don’t leave before you see a Pirates of the Caribbean based sketch which could carry the whole show on its own and had a nice niche Arrested Development reference for you nerds out there.

The show also had a nice unintentionally comedic moment when the directors of the show Gracie McNeely ’16 and Emily Clark ’17 tried to give away Lenny Dee koozies and the audience thought they were making a sales pitch. After a short uncomfortable silence the directors realized the confusion and it made for a more engaging directors welcome than normal.

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