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Scoville remodel displaces students

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This spring, Clader House residents are being relocated to a staff apartment in Myers as a result of the upcoming renovations in Scoville.

This move has taken the students by surprise, especially because they had drawn Clader House last year with the understanding that they were to stay in the house for the entire academic year.

The Clader House residents stated that, “We were disappointed that a currently occupied student residence was even considered as a viable option for temporary office space. We were offered the staff apartment in Myers for Spring Term, which we do not feel is equivalent to Clader House.”

Part of the problem is that there is no space left on campus other than the staff apartment in Myers that would allow the Clader House residents to stay together. Dean Livingston notes that, “This apartment is not one that we use for students but we’re opening it up and making it available.”

Even still, the students of Clader House believe they have received the short end of the stick. “In our minds, if we have to move housing in the middle of the year, the school should offer us something that is equivalent or better to our current situation. We feel we are being negatively impacted by an administrative oversight, and are not being compensated adequately.”

Although the Clader House residents are aware of the needs of the school, they feel that they “are being asked to bear the burden of these campus changes.”

The changes are being made because the Board of Trustees approved the construction for Scoville, Johnson house, the music and science building on October 2015. The renovations for Scoville are expected to start in Spring Term.

Fred Rogers, Vice President and Treasurer of Carleton, states that the goal of this change is “to try… to restore Scoville to its more…historic, I would say splendor…and to have more space for admissions to be able to interview more people and have people come in.”

To begin the renovations, all offices, including GSC and OIIL will have to move from Scoville. After the renovations are complete, Admissions and Financial Aid will relocate to Scoville. According to Rogers, this move is expected to “happen about a year from now.”

When Admissions has moved out of Johnson House, it will be renovated for the Career Center to move in. Meanwhile, the GSC will temporarily be housed in Clader House.

Laura Haave, Director of the GSC, notes that because there is “less foot traffic on the street that Clader house is on…fewer people may come to the GSC.” To prevent this, Haave states that, “we’re gonna have to think about how we advertise and try to get the word out.”

However, relocating offices may also prove beneficial. Haave said that because of less foot traffic near Clader House, “students may feel more ownership of the space or… don’t have to be concerned about who sees them coming in and out of the GSC.”

Similarly, by relocating to Johnson House, the Career Center will have more space than it does now. Sarah Rechtzigel, the Assistant to the Director at the Career Center, explains that, “Being in a location that is very visible and easier to access sends the signal that as an institution we really do care about helping students plan for what they’re gonna do after they leave Carleton.”

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