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Costume procastinators: salvation is here

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With Halloween quickly approaching, the pressure to come up with a cute, quirky, punny, or special snowflake unique costume is mounting. Have no idea what to wear for Halloween?

Pinterest DIY costumes too much work for you? Haven’t even thought about it yet? Resorting to looking up cute Halloween costume ideas on Buzzfeed?

Well, we at the Carletonian have also compiled our very own Buzzfeed-type list of ideas that your fellow, better prepared Carls are planning to sport this Saturday.

Most of them do not require much effort but are still unique: by raiding friends’ closets, making trips to Ragstock for cheap accessories, and coming up with partner or group costumes, some Carls show us their take on Halloween.

Rachel Harris (’18), who thinks fruits are fun costumes (I agree! I think they’re grape), is planning to dress up as a pineapple, donning a long yellow skirt shirt, and incorporating a DIY component by making the pineapple leaves with paper and attaching them to a headband from Ragstock.

Belle Kinder (’18) is planning to go as a fawn, partially enabled by her deer grandmother, who knit her a hat with deer ears and antlers attached. A brown skirt and top, brown clogs that resemble hooves, and a nose and freckles drawn on with eyeliner complete the look.

Timothy Oliver (’18) won’t leave any (of-age, of course!) Carl thirsty. As Dionysus, donning a black tunic with a golden rope belt around his waist, a laurel crown, and sandals, he plans on carrying around a bottle of wine all night, fulfilling the dreams of the needy.

Finally a devil costume, and it’s not of the sexy devil variety. Christine Zheng (’18) plans to DIY herself into a deviled egg by wearing a white shirt with yellow construction paper circle duct taped on it, and a devil horned headband also made out of duct tape. What would we do without duct tape? Probably have less imaginative Halloween costumes.

Apoorva Handigol (’19) will be fabulous as the Mad Hatter in a top hat, suit, and grungy makeup, completed by other friends dressing up as Alice in Wonderland and Queen of Hearts.

Minda Liu (’18) and Malu Suresh (’18) plan to materialize as Christina and Meredith from Grey’s Anatomy; white lab coats and scrubs either from Amazon Prime (bless Amazon Prime) or from Ragstock.

Following the trend of matching partner costumes, Margot Radding (’18) and Avery Naughton (’18) plan to be boxers. With boxing gloves, sports bras, satin robes from Target, and headbands, it’s sure to be a hit (K.O.).

Since we’re pretty much mostly broke and tired college students, let’s keep it real. As shown above, you don’t need a lot of money or time to make a costume noteworthy when there’s duct tape and your own ingenuity.

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