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Fall KRLX schedule hits the airwaves

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The week before last, KRLX got back on the airwaves to kick off its fall term series. With 126 shows broadcasting 24 hours a day, there’s a lot of great content on the air. Here’s a preview of what you can expect to hear on the radio this term, from music to news and everything in between.

One of KRLX’s signature programs, Bandemonium (Sun. 5-7pm), is a two-hour show focused on one band, genre, or idea within music, and the theme changes week to week. Wednesday evenings, KRLX broadcasts “Live at the Cave” from 8-9pm, featuring live interviews, music, and game shows.

Student music shows take up the bulk of the schedule. From the electronic- and indie-centric “The Leekely Show” (Thurs. noon-2pm), to the smooth jazz and hip-hop of “Kareem Abdul Jabba the Hutt” (Sun. 11pm-midnight), to the old classics of “On This Day” (Mon. 7-8pm), there’s a wide variety of musical tastes expressed on campus. Music shows also play new, soon-to-be-released music every hour. There are non-musical shows sprinkled throughout the schedule as well, such as “Whale Wap” (Thurs. 9-10pm), a show dedicated to interesting facts about whales.

Midday, there are shows run by student organizations. “Different organizations have had unofficial shows in the past, but now we are officially opening up KRLX midday to different student organizations,” station manager Ben Wedin said. You can tune in to shows by groups such as the Queens of Comedy (Wed. 4-5pm), the Carleton Singing Knights (Wed. 7-8pm), and even language departments such as Russian (Sun. 2-3pm). “Any other organizations interested in hosting their own show should get involved in following terms, we’re hoping to increase the number of student organization shows,” Wedin said.

Wedin also mentioned that “a lot of our board members are seniors, so we will be looking for new students to take our place. Any DJs who are interested should stay involved and apply for board positions in the winter.”

So what does all of this mean? Just tune in to KRLX when you’re bored sometime, and there’s bound to be something good on.

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